• "I just wanted to get a quick thank-you out for so wonderfully getting my body in gear with your skills and kindness. Friday night and all day yesterday, I hauled around our "teething and sick" grandbaby who is at least 16 pounds now. I just knew that I'd wake up today barely able to walk and just waiting for Monday to arrive for a treatment. Honestly, I have not one pain in my body. Thanks to you, and the Lord, I'm just marveling at my situation.
    So, thanks to you and your crew for making your office such a family-welcome place. Dr. John's joking about my car and his dry humor also keep me laughing. Lauren is the salt of the earth."
  • "I am now a bona-fide Dr. Bob groupie! What a difference he has made in my life..without costly surgery or medications! After several years of visiting specialist after specialist for chronic ear pain caused by mastoid inflammation, I was faced with the possibility of having hole drilled in my skull to relieve the pressure. After the first visit with Dr. Bob I no longer had the need for daily mega doses of Advil, after just a few more adjustments I had no pain what so ever! All my symptoms were caused by poor spinal alignment. I now see him just once or twice a year to realign my spine and am “Goode” to go. Thanks Dr. Bob for everything."
  • "Tell Dr Bob that about 2 hours after I left on Wednesday, I felt WAY better. My throat stopped hurting, my lymph nodes un-swelled, the whole bit. Coincidence? Still felt better yesterday, and feel like my old self so far this morning! I may come in an extra time next week to keep the good times rolling."
  • "After suffering from several episodes of severe mid back pain, I made an appointment with Dr. Goode. I was so surprised by how great I felt after just one visit. Dr. Goode was able to provide me with a very comprehensive explanation of my pain and offered a wellness plan to prevent my episodes from returning. The staff was very professional and made me feel as if they genuinely cared about me as a patient."
  • "Wow! What a wonderful professional staff. I was completely at ease during my visit and made to feel almost like family. Dr. Goode was able to easily pinpoint the source of my neck and shoulder pain. After just a few visits I was pain free!"
  • "I am a 40 year old male and have tons of old sports injuries. I suffer from chronic shoulder and knee pain. Dr. Goode was able to explain how my misalignment contributed to both my knee and shoulder pain. After regular spinal adjustments I have actually been able to participate in my favorite sports again, soccer and softball. Thank you Dr. Goode!"
  • "For years I have taken numerous types of medications for migraines and constant sinus infections with little relief. After reading research on how Chiropractic care could help with migraine relief I made an appointment with Dr. Goode. I feel great and have not had a headache for over 6 months now!"

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